Competitive Soccer Program   

Soccer Xpress is a Youth soccer organization dedicated to youth player development. We offer world class training for eager young athletes who aspire to reach their full potential in soccer. We are affiliated with the Idaho Youth Soccer Association. Soccer Xpress teams compete in Idaho Youth Soccer Association League and also Idaho Youth Soccer Association sanctioned tournaments.

Soccer Xpress coaches will register their perspective teams in tournaments and provide all information to players and parents. This includes costs, team hotel accommodations, traveling dates, practice plans, and team meals. Tournament costs vary and are determined from the tournament registration fees, coach’s hotel accommodations, airline tickets, rental car and per diem. If guest players will be needed, coaches will reach out to other clubs or teams and make those requests based on team needs.

Soccer Xpress competitive teams are coached by licensed professional coaches. The coaching staff is carefully selected to meet the needs and capacities of the players. Soccer Xpress coaching staff is led by a nationally licensed and recognized Coaching and Technical Director who oversees and monitors the effectiveness of Soccer Xpress coaches as they implement an age and developmentally tuned curriculum

                                   Team Formation

Tryouts are held twice annually (Dec. /Jun.) and teams are formed based on like ability and commitment level. Open tryouts are held in June, at which time all roster slots on all teams are contested. Semi-open tryouts are held in December, at which time players may be subject to movement between Soccer Xpress rosters, and opportunities for new-to-Soccer Xpress players may be few.